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What would the best product be without corresponding service?

That's why an eldec product also includes excellent all-round service, worldwide. Our services range from technology consulting and comprehensive training to reliable after-sales service and retrofits.

Technology consultancy

The path is not the goal, but the custom-fit solution. Based on years of experience, we can offer you competent technology advice. If required, in combination with the latest simulation methods and practical implementation in our Tec-Center. We show you technical solutions and discuss the respective advantages and disadvantages. Our employees are sought-after speakers at technology days and specialist congresses and are also closely linked to the scientific community.

Process development

Innovative products require innovative processes. Our broad, technical application know-how, our deep understanding of complete production process chains and our profound metallurgical knowledge form the basis of this solution-oriented work. The necessary equipment is available in our Tec-Centre. Thanks to our own 3D-SLM printing capacities, overnight inductor iterations are also possible.

Commissioning & Acceptances

Just as we have built your eldec solution according to your requirements, we also deliver it. We commission it personally and competently on your site. Systems that include process technology and specifications are pre-accepted at the eldec locations. Joint final acceptance and SOP then take place directly after commissioning at the customer's site, with training if desired.


What would the best equipment be without operating know-how? Again and again, profits are not made because machines are operated incorrectly or even come to a standstill. We try to avoid this from the very beginning and offer comprehensive technology and product training, also tailored to your needs, at your site or at an eldec location.

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Rental equipment

Before you buy, do you want to test? Do you need induction heating equipment for a limited period of time? Then we can help you with a rental unit at short notice. Please direct enquiries about rental equipment to the eldec sales team.

Aftersales service

Staying ahead of the game: Even after purchasing an eldec product, you can rely on us - in accordance with this old expression. Whether on-site repair, remote maintenance / AR-based service, preventive maintenance, or spare parts: We keep your equipment running.

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Sometimes retrofitting an existing machine is a better solution than purchasing a new one. Whether it’s a software update, re-tooling, or complete retrofit at your premises or at eldec: our project management team is proficient in these disciplines too.

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