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Milestones in the company history


With the introduction of the new hardening machine MIND-M 800, the product portfolio is renamed according to the workpiece sizes.

eldec has a turnover of €31 million worldwide and employs around 180 people.


As of 1 January 2022, eldec is no longer a member of the EMAG Group.

Longstanding Managing Director Thomas Rank takes over 100% of eldec's shares from the EMAG Group.

Foundation of eldec Suzhou Induction Ltd.


Introduction of the new MIND-L 1000 hardening machine series.

EMAG eldec has around 200 employees at its Dornstetten site.


EMAG eldec has a turnover of €30 million worldwide and employs around 200 people.


Introduction of the hardening machine MIND-M plus product line.

EMAG eldec completes the generator series ECO-LINE with a new desktop housing.

EMAG eldec completes the PICO generator series and introduces the PICO-L.


EMAG eldec introduces the VLC IH hardening machine series based on the EMAG VLC series.


EMAG eldec introduces the generator product line PICO-S.

EMAG eldec expands the CUSTOM-LINE generator range with introduction of DF and LF series.


eldec becomes part of the EMAG Group.


Introduction of the MICO-S.

The MICO product family is complete.

eldec has a worldwide turnover of approx. 21 million €.


Introduction of the MIND-M (today MIND-S) product line.

Expansion of the production and assembly area in the USA, a new building with an additional 2000 m² production and assembly hall is built at the Dornstetten site.

eldec has a worldwide turnover of approx. 19 million € with 135 employees.


Introduction of the MIND-S product line.


eldec opens sales and service office in China.

Introduction of the MICO product line.

Introduction of the world's first pick-up hardening machine VL-H.

Delivery of the first eldec pole coil soldering machine.


Introduction of the hardening machine series MIND.


eldec has a worldwide turnover of approx. 12 million € with 90 employees.


Completion of a worldwide unique experimental hardening plant with a 3000 KW SDF® generator (Simultaneous Dual Frequency).


eldec reaches a turnover of € 11 million at two locations.


Delivery of the first SDF® generators. A patented technology that is primarily used for the contour-true induction hardening of gears.


Foundation of eldec Induction USA; to distribute all eldec products, assemble generators and offer all services in the American markets.


The product range grows: eldec develops and supplies the first HF and MF generators with IGBT semiconductor transistors. To this day, these devices and their successor generations are unrivalled in terms of reliability and power density.


Founded by Dipl. Ing. Wolfgang Schwenk.

eldec develops and manufactures inductors.