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Applications & Processes

Induction - heat where it is needed

Targeted non-contact energy input, process data recording at part level, full line integration if required, maximum energy efficiency, precisely reproducible quality as well as gas and CO2 emission free - these are the advantages of induction heating. These are increasingly used, for example, for surface hardening, soldering, shrink-fitting & releasing, stress-relieving or pre- and post-heating.

Induction Hardening

fast, reproducible, clean, line-integrable and extremely energy-efficient.

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Induction Brazing

Robust and reproducible soldered joints for individual and series parts.


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Shrink-fitting & Separating

Two become one:
durable connections thanks to induction heating.

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Heating for welding processes

Induction pre-heating and post-heating – avoid micro-cracks.

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Cutting edge hardening

Razor-sharp, hard & durable: cutting edges and punching tools.

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Remove stresses, modify material properties

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Heating expansion bolts

Connect large components firmly together.

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Inductive melting

Fast, safe and clean melting from the inside.


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