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Heat Controller

Hand-held precision

Hand-held induction heating processes are still difficult to reproduce today. With the new heat controller from eldec, this problem is reduced through sensory process control.

Active feedback and repeatability

Active feedback enables the reproducibility of the hand-held induction heating processes for the first time.

When the preset heating time or temperature (only in combination with a pyrometer) is reached with the Heat Controller, a multi-coloured LED light signal, a vibration signal or an acoustic signal is optionally activated – this can also be combined.


The Heat Controller is designed as a modular system - a wide range of variants are possible. Here are two examples:

Mono grip configuration with preparation for brazing

„Pilot grip“ configuration for stable two-hand control

Specification Heat Controller

Active process response with LED band, vibration or acoustic signal

Process-integrated time or temperature control

Weight relief through steplessly rotation suspension (boom necessary)

Ergonomic handling

Various grip configurations available

Pneumatic workpiece clamping can be integrated (soldering gun)

Available for eldec coaxial transformers, diameter = 80 mm

Full range of functions with eldec ECO-Line EEi² generators (reduced range of functions with units of the PICO generators)

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