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Cabinet-based generators with up to 8 outputs, extensive I4.0 connectivity and EEi² user interface, in the frequency ranges LF, MF, HF, DF and SDF®.

Cabinet-based generators with continuous power from 5 to 2000 kW and up to 8 outputs in the frequency ranges LF, MF, HF, DF and SDF®. Equipped with extensive I4.0 connectivity and intuitive EEi² user interface as well as eQC modules for quality assurance. CUSTOM-LINE generators can be used as a stand-alone solution or for integration into overall systems.

Multiple outputs can heat consecutively ("nA"), heat simultaneously-independently of each other ("xn") or heat simultaneously-symmetrically (":n").

LF (low frequency) 2-5 kHz: for large components and very large penetration depths.

MF (medium frequency) 8-20 kHz or 16-40 kHz: for medium and large penetration depths.

HF (high frequency) 80-400 kHz: for small components and shallow penetration depths.

DF (Dual Frequency, MF and HF sequential): Two frequency ranges switchable (MF with HF) in one generator sequentially available on one inductor.

SDF® (Simultaneous Dual Frequency, MF and HF parallel, patented): Two frequency ranges (MF with HF) in one generator simultaneously on one inductor. The main application is the hardening of gear tooth components: While medium frequencies penetrate deeper into the gear and heat the tooth root, high frequencies ensure the heating of the tooth tip. The simultaneous superimposition of MF and HF results in true-contour gear tooth profile hardening.

Specifications CUSTOM-LINE

Intuitive handling with EEi² touchscreen

Power, frequency, current and voltage display

Control modes: power, temperature (PID)

Operation modes: Continuous, Tap, Timer

SIEMENS PLC, safety controller from Pilz

8 different timers, each min. 0.1 sec. to max. 9,999 sec. running time

Recipe management memory: up to 500 recipes

Housing in protection class IP54

Sensor signals for temperature detection 4-20 mA

External control and data exchange via Profinet interface

Flow and temperature monitoring of various water circuits

Short-circuit and open-circuit proof IGBT transistor technology

Automatic adaptation to resonance frequency

Circuit topology with electrical isolation

Precise energy output due to power setting in 1% steps

Energy transmission via flexible hose package 5 m (MF) and 3 m (HF)

Temperature and volume flow monitored fluid circuits with alarm function

Automatic adaptation and power regulation by pulse width modulation (MF) and pulse packet control (HF), even when exceeding the Curie temperature

Interfaces & connections: Pyrometer, foot switch, foot pedal, emergency stop 1-channel, re-cooling system, 24V, signal lamp 4 coloured.

Inverter efficiencies > 95% (depending on operating condition)


Control type: Current

Remote maintenance

Special paint finish possible

Foot pedal and/or foot switch

Pyrometer (single and multiple)

Mains voltage 200 V, 480 V. Others on request

Glow cable (connection via cable box or directly)

Energy transmission via flexible hose package up to 15 m (MF) and 5 m (HF)

Adjustment range extension through serial / parallel switching (manual or automatic)

Profibus, EtherCat, other fieldbuses on request

Emergency stop 2-channel to external

Quick-change device coax / cable box

Adjustment range extension through switchable second frequency band

UL standard optionally available

eQC Moduls: eSM earth fault, ePM flux, ePM energy & eSM RFID

Quick coupling for cooling water connections

Temperature curves (100 pcs.)

Separate inductor cooling water supply

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