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MIND-S 1000 Induction Hardening Machine

All in One: compact complete hardening machine for shaft parts in medium batch quantities

The MIND-S 1000 is a compact complete hardening machine as a single-spindle, double-spindle or indexing table version for the induction hardening of shaft-shaped workpieces up to 900 mm in length. All components are integrated on a machine stand to save space: Cooling system, energy source, machine control cabinet and process cell. The result is cost-effective and maximum productivity in the smallest possible space.

With a maximum power requirement of 50 kW HF or 100 kW MF, workpieces can be hardened and optionally induction tempered. The main equipment of the MIND-S 1000 includes Y- and Z-NC axes for positioning the inductor to the workpiece, a main spindle drive for workpiece rotation, a Siemens 840D CNC control and a temperature- and flow-monitored shower for the quenching medium.

Clamping between centres is possible with the tailstock module and centring mandrel. The loading module allows the system to be loaded either manually or automatically.

Specifications MIND-S 1000

  • NC movement axes in X, Y and Z direction

  • HMI operator guidance via mask input on Siemens 840D CNC control.
    Industry 4.0 process and machine data acquisition with eQC (eldec Quality Control).

  • Optimum accessibility to the work area for set-up and cleaning

  • Minimum floor space (800 x 2600 mm)

  • Integrated machine control cabinet and generators (HF and MF)

  • Integrated re-cooling system

  • Work area enclosure

Technical Data

Workpiece length, max. 900 mm
Workpiece dia., max. 300 mm
Workpiece weight, max. 10 kg
Generators up to 100 kW (MF)
  up to 50 kw (HF)
X-axis travel 10 mm
Y-axis travel 40 mm
Z-axis travel 1000 mm

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