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MIND-M 800 Induction Hardening Machine

Our new, low-priced induction hardening machine for medium to large batch quantities in the typical eldec quality.

The new all-rounder: The new MIND-M 800 combines the small space requirement of the MIND-S series with the functional diversity of the MIND-L series. A compact complete hardening machine for induction hardening of chuck and shaft parts up to 600 mm in length. The cooling system, energy sources (high-frequency generators up to 150 kW HF or medium-frequency generators up to 250 kW MF as well as dual-frequency generators (MF/HF)), machine control cabinet and process cell are also integrated in a space-saving manner on a common machine platform in the MIND-M 800. Together, they ensure maximum productivity at comparably low investment costs.

Modular design with maximum availability thanks to function optimisation in every detail. Rigid overall design, precise positioning and exact generator control ensure reproducible and permanently consistent hardening results. Industry 4.0 process and machine data acquisition is based on eQC (eldec quality control). With our High Precision Tool System - HPTS for short - set-up times are significantly reduced.

The MIND-M 800 is available as a single-spindle machine, double-spindle machine or with indexing table for loading and unloading during machining. The system can be loaded either manually or automatically by the loading module.

Specifications MIND-M 800

  • Available as single spindle, double spindle or indexing table version
  • Rigid overall design and precise machine components
  • Good accessibility for maintenance work due to the external installation wall
  • All in One: integrated machine control cabinet and generators (HF, MF & DFG)
  • Work area enclosure
  • NC movement axes in Y and Z direction
  • Compact footprint: 1850 mm x 3450 mm
  • HMI operator guidance via mask input on Siemens control. Industry 4.0 machine data acquisition with eQC (eldec Quality Control)
  • Optimum accessibility to the work area
  • Precise tool holding with HPTS 3D Coil Connect
  • Highest indexing table accuracy for multi-process solutions
  • Integration of induction tempering
  • All In One: Integrated re-cooling system

Technical Data

Workpiece length, max. 600 mm
Workpiece dia., max. 300 mm
Workpiece weight, max. 35 kg
Generators up to 250 kW (MF)
  up to 150 kW (HF)
  up to 125/75 or 75/100 kW (DFG)
Y-axis travel 60 mm
Z-axis travel 800 mm

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