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HPTS – High Precision Tool System

Less downtime, more output

With HPTS, set-up times are reduced by up to 90%.
This result is achieved through a comprehensive 4-step solution:


In the first step, the basis is created: With the help of 3D CAD and FEM, task-specific inductors are designed with high precision that are also highly energy-efficient.


In the second step, the coil is manufactured in-house at eldec using the 3D SLM process: the basis for repeatable and extremely rigid inductors that achieve exceptionally long service lives.


After soldering the 3D-SLM printed coil onto the inductor base, in the third step the entire inductor is 3-D measured, and inspection report created.


Step four ensures that the inductor is installed in the hardening machine with exact repeatability thanks to “3D-Coil Connect” - an inductor base developed by eldec.

As a result, depending on the QA strategy, production can already be continued during the test in the laboratory or the component test in the laboratory can be completely dispensed with.

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