Brazing power switches

MF generator by eldec: greater speed for power switch production

Power switches are used in a vast number of assemblies – they are a standard component that has to withstand high stresses in continuous operation for a long time. Every detail is important, as shown by the inductive brazing of the steel components shown here. The process is performed quickly and effectively with eldec generators.

Induction brazing of steel components with precision

Specialist electrical engineers adapt the switching capabilities of power switches very specifically to the power capacity of each system. In every instance, however, the central component must always exhibit high stability. One customer has therefore chosen induction brazing for the manufacture of two steel components. Its precise and reproducible application of heat ensures perfect results on the part.

The energy source used is a medium-frequency generator from eldec with power output of 15 kW. Major advantages have become evident: the technology is maintenance-free, featuring particularly robust transistor components. In addition, the energy can be applied with exceptional precision, with an accuracy of +/-  two percent. Operation and handling of the devices is also easy, with the eldec experts customizing their design to the customer's requirements.

Brazing power switches


  • Reproducible brazing processes
  • High process speed
  • Maintenance free
  • High efficiency ratio
  • Devices protected by robust technology
  • Easy operation

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