Heating flexible metal tubing for cars

Induction heating: precise and reproducible processes for automobile manufacture

For the induction heating of a flexible metal tube connecting the car's engine to the exhaust system, one user has chosen generators and inductors from eldec. The production-line solution scores highly for its speed, effectiveness, and energy efficiency.

HF generator ensures economical processes

The areas of application for induction are varied and wide-ranging, as shown by this example from automobile manufacture: A flexible connecting tube between the engine and the exhaust system undergoes an induction heating process at the end of its production process. This final process is also called cleaning/annealing, as the last residues of emulsion (for example) are completely removed here. It is subject to the same basic requirements as many other processes in automobile manufacture: it must be fast and reproducible.

The solution developed by eldec is both highly reliable and energy efficient. A precision-fit inductor is inserted into the metal tube and heats it in seconds. The energy source used, is a high-frequency generator from eldec with power output of 30 kW. The strength of this powerful and robust technology can be found in many details of its design – such as short-proof transistor technology, precise application of energy, and its high efficiency of over 90 percent.

Users consequently benefit from a technology that is virtually maintenance-free, and which fits perfectly into the production environment – a quality that is typical for eldec, as the company's experts fully customize the design of many generators, adapting them to each application.

Heating flexible metal tubing for cars


  • Fast heating
  • High repeatability
  • Robust generator components
  • Economical energy consumption
  • Customized configuration
  • Virtually maintenance-free technology

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