Heat Controller

Heat Controller for hand-guided induction heating processes.

Active response makes it possible for the first time to reproduce hand-guided induction heating

When the preset heating time or temperature (only in combination with a pyrometer) is reached with the Heat Controller, a multi-coloured LED light signal, a vibration signal or an acoustic signal is optionally activated - also combinable.

Heat Controller by eldec: modular & ergonomic

  • Active process response with LED band, vibration or acoustic signal

  • Process-integrated time or temperature control

  • Weight relief through steplessly rotatable suspension (boom necessary)

  • Ergonomic handling

  • Various grip configurations available

  • Pneumatic workpiece clamping can be integrated (soldering gun)

  • Available for eldec coaxial transformers, diameter = 80 mm

  • Full range of functions with eldec ECO-Line EEi² generators (reduced range of functions with units of the PICO generator series)