eldec Quality Control

eldec Quality Control: the Zero Fault System

Zero-fault production has been a primary goal for production planners for years – in induction heating, eldec Quality Control (eQC) makes this a reality! These quality monitoring modules guarantee users a fully monitored and documented hardening and heat treatment process, and meets all industry 4.0 requirements.  

Comprehensive Package for Improved Quality and Reliability

No other induction heating and hardening company offers a package as extensive and detailed as eldec with the eQC program. eQC offers more than 20 different modules that build on and complement one another. Available functions range from tool identification with an RFID chip, to continuous voltage measurements at the inductor base and automatic correction of the quenching medium, all the way to the comprehensive recording of complete process data.

EMAG eldec has broken down this enormous package into five modules. Below is a closer look at each module and its functions, demonstrating the major improvement to efficiency of a production solution with eQC, as the individual solutions build on and complement one each other. Together, these guarantee customers an extensively monitored process.

  • eSM (eldec System Monitoring): These modules are used to extensively monitor eldec devices, machines, and tools used. This includes the right generator cooling, any leaks on the inductor, and tool control by RFID chip. The latter enables the hardening machine to “know” whether the right inductor has been used, as well as the tool status. To achieve this, the chip contains important performance data, such as remaining tool life and impending maintenance intervals. 
  • ePM (eldec Process Monitoring): These modules ensure monitoring of the ongoing heating and quenching process. The functions range from monitoring the quenching medium temperature to continuously checking the generator energy and the voltage at the inductor base—the latter is the ideal measuring point for determining the magnetic flux that actually “reaches” the tool. 
  • eSC (eldec System Control) and ePC (eldec Process Control): Unlike the modules in the two monitoring packages, these control modules actively influence the induction process using closed-loop control. For example, the viscosity of the quenching medium is measured and actively readjusted based on the results (ePC). Automatic adjustment of the generator cooling level is performed in a similar manner (eSC).
  • eDH (eldec Data Handling): Last but not least, two modules are available for recording and processing the acquired data. The data can also be made available for cross-system process data acquisition. Quality monitoring thus becomes an integral part of industry 4.0 solutions.

Indispensable for large-scale processes

Comprehensive, precise, continuous—eldec quality control modules ensure maximum quality monitoring during induction hardening and heating. They also provide the basis for extensive production digitalization in an important area: After all, induction processes influence the stability and dimensional accuracy of many important components. Especially when considering large-scale manufacturing processes or sophisticated components, eQC simply becomes essential.

eldec Quality Control


  • High process reliability
  • Automatic adjustment of key process parameters
  • Cross-system process data acquisition for industry 4.0
  • Prevention of operator errors during production processes
  • Increased measurement accuracy


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