Heat & Repeat function

The Heat & Repeat Function – Process Development at the Press of a Button

Process development or process optimization for induction heating processes can be very complex. Each component and each material is different, and usually several attempts are needed to find the right settings. This is where the Heat & Repeat function integrated into the ECO-LINE EEI² generators comes into play. Heat & Repeat is in essence a recording option for induction heating. The generator output is tracked for a defined period and can afterwards be replayed at the press of a button. It is also possible to edit the recordings to achieve an optimal heating result.

Recording with pyrometer

There are numerous advantages to recording the generator output. For example, the heating process for a component can first be controlled with a pyrometer, and then the recorded data can be used to heat all subsequent components with the same power, independently of a pyrometer. The entire process is simplified, yet the quality stays constant.

600 measuring points

The Heat & Repeat function saves 600 measuring points during the heating process. When these are saved depends on the process duration – in other words, the recording rate is linked to the heating time. If the heating time is 60 seconds, the generator output is saved every 100 ms.If it is 8 hours (maximum recording duration), the value is recorded every 48 seconds. This division has proven to be very efficient in practice. 

Editing function

The recorded process can be edited, e.g., the heating duration and heat output can be optimized afterward, until the desired heating result is achieved. Subsequently, the recorded process is simply saved to one of the 500 memory slots as a new recipe and is then available for use.

Heat & Repeat function


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