Pre-heating for welding

Induction pre-heating: Better quality of truck axle mounts

The right temperature is key:
A German supplier relies on inductive preheating by eldec for the perfect welding of key components like axle mounts. The quality of the part increases significantly.

Welding: Targeted measures to improve process reliability

Welding chassis components is one of the most critical challenges in the production of passenger and utility vehicles. Every single weld must be absolutely perfect and stable in the long term. In addition, the components involved must not change their material structure – not an easy requirement considering the heat generated by welding. Microscopic cracks may form as the part cools down.

In order to prevent this from happening, a German supplier relies on inductive preheating by eldec for the production of truck axle mounts. In only 30 seconds, the component is evenly heated to 450 °C before the welding process starts. As a result, the cool-down after welding takes longer. This prevents negative effects on the material structure.

The induction technology used plays a critical role, because the preheating of the axle mount must be controlled down to the last detail. This is why the specialists at eldec tested the newly developed inductors in a comprehensive series of trials. Even infrared cameras were used. They made sure that the inductor applies the temperature in the right places and no overheating occurs in the component. The trials also documented the controlled cool-down of the component after welding.

The energy source for preheating is currently a specially configured generator by eldec: The model from the ECO LINE series has a power of 10 kW and a frequency range of 10 to 25 kHz. The generator has been used by the supplier since 2010 and guarantees a stable process.

Overall, it becomes clear: Inductive preheating is more precise, reliable, and energy-efficient than alternative methods like heating with gas burners.

Pre-heating for welding


  • Quick temperature input into the axle mount
  • High repeatability for pre-heating  
  • Perfect surface quality of the parts after welding
  • Low energy consumption for heating


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