Inductor manufacturing by eldec

Inductors by eldec

An inductor from eldec is designed using the very latest 3D CAD solid modelling software, manufactured on CNC machine tools and built by trained personnel with excellent training at eldec in Germany and the USA. This means that every coil is made to measure, precise and highly accurate.

In fact, induction coil design and manufacture are two of eldec’s core competencies. Since the inductor forms the foundation of every eldec induction machine, each eldec induction heating coil is specifically made-to-order for a workpiece. The frequency and materials used, the geometry of the part, the power density as well as the precise area of the workpiece to be heated are all factors used to determine the type and design of the coil. In cases where the component is very large eldec uses heating cables as the inductor.

The inductor – made to measure for each induction hardening machine

  • Every tool is made to measure
  • Very robust design for daily industrial use
  • Very high quality guaranteed by in-house production